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Holding Negligent Professionals Accountable

If you or your business retained a professional who failed to exercise their duties competently, causing you financial loss, then you may be able to pursue a negligence claim.  A solicitor with experience of handling professional negligence claims can advise you of your legal rights and options.

At Nicholson Gordon Law, we work with individuals throughout England and Wales to hold negligent professionals accountable for their actions.  John Gordon, who is a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association, represents individuals and businesses in a range of professional negligence claims, including:

If you believe that you have been the victim of professional negligence, we will provide you with a realistic and sensible assessment of any possible legal claim.  The vast majority of good claims, pursued by expert lawyers, will settle without the need for any appearance by you at court.  If, however, the need for a trial arises, you can rely on us to present a strong case on your behalf.

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We offer the latest funding options, which may include paying privately, the use of insurance policy legal costs provisions or the use of a professional negligence no win no fee solicitors’ agreement.  We will go through all the options with you and identify the right funding options for you.

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John Gordon acted for M Limited who argued that steelwork that had failed during a building project was negligently designed and instructed us to pursue a professional negligence claim. We successfully pursued the structural engineer who had incompetently designed the steelwork that our client erected into its own client's property. The engineer's insurers paid damages for lost profits and legal costs.

Testimonial from Robert Stone MD Powerbond Adhesives Ltd.

"John represents the best of the best within his profession; working mainly from the case notes John quickly obtained a substantial five figure out of court settlement from our former Company Solicitor for professional negligence. Our only disappointment is that we did not know of him sooner."

We represented Mr B in a successful claim against his solicitors relating to the failure to properly advise him in relation to proceedings he was involved in. Court proceedings were issued following a refusal by the solicitors to make payment by negotiation, and just prior to trial the claim was compromised by acceptance by our client of significant damage as a payment of his legal costs.

We represented Mr B in relation to a claim relating to negligent building work, and negligent design. He was being pursued by builders who argued that he owed money, the client having retained a significant sum at the end of the building contract. Following our involvement and detailed correspondence no claim is pursued by the builders relating to outstanding sums.

Our client P Ltd successfully pursued a claim against their previous solicitors who had failed to advise and properly during the course of commercial litigation against a business partner of theirs. The claim was compromised by payment of damages and legal costs.

We represented Mrs S in a claim against conveyancers who had failed to advise her properly at the time of her purchase of the property in the Milton Keynes area. Having initially denied liability, the solicitors' insurers accepted liability and made payment of significant damages and legal costs.