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Resolving Contractual Disputes

Disputes are a regular occurrence in business.  They can cause untold damage if they are not properly managed at an early stage.

When your case is strong we will often agree to be paid only if we win or by taking a proportion of the monies obtained.

We will work with you to solve any disputes as cost-effectively and speedily as possible, and most importantly in a way to cause as little inconvenience and time-wasting to your business and its employees and managers as possible.  We are strong advocates of the use of alternative dispute resolution, if possible by the involvement of arbitrators, mediators or conciliators.  However, if the case calls for it we will fearlessly pursue or defend your claim in court.

Nicholson Gordon Law will provide you with transparent and reasonable costs information and costs programmes, with an accurate assessment, where possible, as to your total exposure. We are able to obtain, in the right cases, insurance policies to limit your liability in any dispute should the matter not be capable of resolution without the need to vigorously pursue or defend court proceedings.

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P was involved in a dispute with its solicitors relating to unpaid bills. Not only did we successfully defend the argument that the solicitors were owed costs, but we pursued a successful claim against the solicitors relating to their negligence. On top of the fees being written off, the client received significant damages and payment of its legal costs.

Our clients M were being pursued by a business partner in relation to sums allegedly due pursuant to a contract. Following a mediation, a compromise was reached of payment of a significantly reduced sum payable over a lengthy period. At the time we became involved a situation was quickly moving forward towards contested legal proceedings and potentially a winding up petition. Our skills in the area of dispute resolution and mediation allowed the claim to be resolved on a pragmatic basis, rather than in hugely expensive court proceedings.

We represented our client N in claims pursued against it by a customer relating to the sale of goods, namely a motor vehicle. The claim was quickly successfully resolved. We provide practical advice on the resolution of legal claims, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best, namely running your business rather than dealing with litigation.

We represented S, a firm of Midlands professionals in relation to unpaid professional fees due following a property development. The defendant was refusing to make any payment, having argued that our client was in breach of contract. We successfully obtained payment of significant damages on our client's behalf.

We represented N Ltd in a claim for contribution against a national warranty company. The contribution was eventually agreed.

We can deal with any type of contractual disputes that your business faces.